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Yesterday morning I decided to visit a place that I had seen as I was driving by in the old town part of Lilburn, Ga in my community. I had seen as I was driving by what looked like many scarecrows in  raised flower gardens.  It is located in the community gardens of Lilburn on Main Street. As I drove up I was amused by the different scarecrows staring into space, one of which had a bird perched upon its arm. This struck me as ironic because I thought the scarecrows were erected to scare the birds away.

As I viewed the different scarecrows and the raised flower beds I thought of the time that must have gone into preparing and maintaining the gardens and creating the scarecrows.  One garden with a scarecrow would have been nice but by working together to produce multiples had caused something quite spectacular to be created.  What was behind this?  It must have been a sense of community that these gardeners had all shared. One idea shared for the better of all. The result was amazing to see the individual efforts combined into this spectacular project. It occurred to me that if people throughout the world could focus on making the world a better place and putting aside any conflicts and petty differences they have concerning  political party affiliations, race and religion, the world could truly come together. It would be the world effort of community.