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Children’s Books That Teach Diversity

This week I wrote a review for one of my other blogs about a really cute book for young children entitled People Are Like Lollipops, by Annie Fox I suddenly remembered that the book should probably be on this blog but to also be included in a list of books for young children that all have the same common theme of teaching diversity in a simple and easy to understand method.  Fortunately there are many more books available than I realized but I will start with a list of ten that I find particularly interesting and add to it from time to time as I find new ones.

Books That Teach Diversity

1.My book –Roland’s Stupendous Imagination And The Native Americans

2. The Sneetches and Other Stories

3.People Are Like Lollipops

4.Same, Same But Different       

5. The Colors Of Us

6.Lucy’s Family Tree

7.The Skin You Live In

8. Free To Be You And Me

9.We’re Different, We’re The Same

10. Whoever You Are